Chieveley sportive

First major challenge for this year tomorrow – so long as the weather holds – the Evans sponsored Chieveley Sportive. 60 miles so not a hardcore start to the year, and no big climbs. Maybe I’ll see some of you there? Look for the sparkly red bike with the spinacis. 16 mph southerly expected so I think my PB at 60 miles is safe.

Went out on my first ever ‘club run’ last weekend, with the Zappi’s slow group. Begun to learn the strange (but crucial) ettiquette and hand signals of the chain gang!

Very friendly bunch – pretty informal. More on this later, but its very different from solo riding. One thing about Zappi’s – they have the coolest kit I’ve ever seen.


Whoo. That was hard. They lied about the ‘not many hills’ and the ’60’ miles too. It was a hilly 69 miles, so for the last 10 I was running on fumes – having not read the map closely. Most people decided to cut back to the 45 miler, only a few fools like me carried on into the incessent headwind.
Anyway, I’m reasonably happy – only 1 person overtook me and he had legs like treetrunks and a totally stripped bike – Tony Bailey, whoever you are, respect. Got dropped by another guy I caught up to, but he was doing the 45 and was an active racer so dignity intact I think.

Computer says:
Dist: 69
Time: 4:20
Ave: 16 (PB 16.9 in the summer)

Bike says:
Hose Me Down!

Evans say:
I came 14th, though one group of 4 in front of me looked like they chainganged the whole way at 0.4 mph faster, so I’ll take 10th for that! Feh.

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