iPhone GPS test

Off on a sportive tomorrow, so tested Cyclemeter today. For the ride I won’t be using the stem mount – that’s only for when I’m in uncharted territory. However I wanted to test the map anyway. As others have said I don’t think the iphone battery is going to last the ride, but we’ll see.

Tigra (Dahon) mount:

Here’s the stem/bar mount:

Here’s the clip on the mount:

iPhone mount in place:

iPhone nestling in the cover:

The clip – I dont’ trust this clip and have heard of phones flying out of several different makes of mounts:

Everything in place and laggy bands for insurance:

After a brisk jeans/t-shirt blip around the village:

The tracking file – as good as the Blackberry I used before:

Overall I’m pretty impressed. I rode over some rough roads, potholes and humps and the mount appears solid and stable.
The Google map mashup was pretty good and the resolution just right. When I do use this for ‘adventures’ or following other people’s routes I’m going to have to find ways around the battery life, otherwise its looking good.

There are plently of routes out there~: I’ve already got the Blenheim 100 and the Watlington 60 Sportives loaded up for some spring weekends.

#gps, #iphone