One legged cycling

Well, that didn’t go to plan. I was hoping to do the Performance Cycles mini sportive – 60 miler – and looking for an 18+mph average – pretty ambitious given the hills.
I started well enough, took a wrong turn in the second village and had to rejoin the route later. Second hill I went up I felt a stabbing pain at the top of my right calf. I tried to ride through it, but on the biggest hill I had to give up, get off and walk the last part. I realised that 60 miles might do some worse damage so cut to the shorter route – 43, and had to stay in the seat – any standing or putting down the power just too painful. For the last 10 miles or so I was pretty much cycling on one leg.
People started catching up to me too, not something I like but by that time I just wanted to finish. This did not take much away from the well organised ride and lovely scenery on the route.


Kept the iPhone in my back pocket. It performed well – a reasonable track and there was probably enough battery left to have done the 60.
Ignore the current speed – I forget to stop the thing until I was in the car heading home!