First Turbo of the Winter

I’ve not been on the turbo for a month, but here comes winter…

Really hard to motivate myself to do it, but since I’ve gained a lb a week for that month, its rather necessary. Totally knackered now but its a good knackered. Here’s my current regime:

  • 12 mins warm up (to 70% HR)
  • 6 all-out 45 second intervals, separated by 4 min spins.
  • 10 mins medium page (72% HR)
  • 6-8 min hill climb depending how I feel, to 94% HR.
  • warm down to 60 mins, sometimes a bit over.

Its amazing how fast the hour flies by, not onerous at all – I have a favourite playlist filling the garage which helps.
Hope to do this twice a week all winter, with some peaks and troughs around some winter events. Famous last words! Currently wondering about Chieveley again, or the Harp Hilly. In the end I signed up for Chieveley.


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Severn Bridge Sportive, Sun 16 Oct. 2011

Very late report this, but that was a fantastic ride. 92 miles, two huge hills and two shorter nastier ones, one near the end. I rode with Nick from our club (Zappi’s) and we stayed together most of the way round. As usual I cramped out on the last hill at around 85 miles. This always seems to happen however well I hydrate with electrolytes, and yet again I had to get off and waddle around for a couple of minutes to clear my legs of acid.

Completed in 5:21 and was 45th out of 123, not that anyone’s checking apart from me! Its not a race ;).

Super weather, good organisation and great food, especially the soup, at the end. Deffo for next year.