funny old cycling year so far.

After a great January, things sort of slowed… Was ill for part of Feb, March was better but I missed the sportive Le Puncheur as it was chucking it down on the day. April – got a gum infection then a pulled shoulder muscle. Jeez.

So only in the last week or two have I got back into proper miles. Too late to be ready for the 90 mile White Horse Challenge. A bunch of clubmates did this and stormed it with a 19 mph average. Real shame I missed it, though I did a 60 miler on the day.

Latest thing I’ve become addicted to is Strava. This app/website allows anyone (with a GPS!) to set a stretch of road, and the fastest person along that stretch becomes KOM (King of the Mountain – even down hill)… But it can end up making every ride a race… I think I have a couple of KOMs left but there’s a competitive bunch of folk out there.

Next up, the Hampshire Hilly Hundred. This one is going to be tough!

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