My first Crit ‘race’ and it was hard

My first Crit ‘race’ and it was hard.12472478_1008961372530263_6749380294002836507_n



2016 restarted

Ill for the first 6 weeks of the year, some not-nice family issues and some horrible post-viral fatigue. Back on the bike now, and a new job (working at home!) so things looking up.

New FleaBay self-build bike taking shape in the garage too.

This year looking after Zappi’s Cycling Club website, Zappi’s Gran Fondo, and helping out at the Enstone Crit series. Bring it on!

2015 highlights

Zappi’s Gran Fondo, Hill Climb, Crits, Isle Of Wight, New Zappi’s Website live. Great year really, just rubbish for any sort of blogging post Magnificat!

Not a bad year in 2015

5500 miles/8771 km, and 50,500 meters climbing.


Geek out with veloviewer

Awesome site for anyone using Strava, heartily recommend it. More graphs than a statistics degree. Also finds your closest ‘competitors’.

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Free Cycle training video – downloadable

One of the Zappi’s regulars, Tim Jones, has created a fantastic Turbo or roller video from the local Tuesday night chain gang. You can download the Chain of Pain from here-

  • it’s pretty awesome for an hour’s hardcore spinning, and shows off the flatter eastern Oxfordshire lanes rather well! The evening sun on the way home is like your own little SAD therapy lamp too.

Works well with Ipads running something like AcePlayer.

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New Year Resolution

Here we go again. Seems a repeat of last year but with more kilos to lose! Anyway, am back on the Turbo with some good rides to watch, plus joined a spinning class for 12 weeks – lets hope this sorts me out! No real plans as yet apart from the White Horse Challenge, but lets see what the year brings. I have /really/ missed the bike. – just shows how little cycling I have done!

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