A History of Ancient Britain…

A History of Ancient BritainA History of Ancient Britain by Neil Oliver
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Surprised by this book.
Expecting another generic ancient history TV tie-in, but got a compelling narrative, well balanced and deep enough for me (plus Google) – looking at the latest research without getting too contentious. Very well written.
Fades a little as you reach Roman times I guess because Neil seems to relish earlier ages: ‘Copper/Bronze Age’ especially well covered here, though the whole ‘age’ thing is of course questioned. I do feel I understand the Ancient British much better now and actually want my DNA checked! I have a Norman name and a family with a matriarchal passing down of a Italian Romany past (deported to England in the 16/1700s), but likely mostly ‘ancient’ heritage. Neil himself found that (view spoiler)

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